RV Roller Shades

Nothing brings holidays to mind like a RV. Now some lucky couples retired and drive their RVs all over the country, but for many, an RV is only for the holidays. Ideally you can just rent your RV, but for longer term investments, it is important to treat your RV as your home. You want it to be in perfect condition. In many national parks, it is your only refuge from the wild elements. Even a second hand mobile home can be furnished for pure comfort.

RVs give you the freedom of being where you want when you want, whether that be with your family or not. Personalizing your caravan is a great investment because it makes it feel like home. Some investments, like RV roller blinds, are not only unique, they also help you sleep and control your limited generator use. Blinds protect you from glare when driving, and sunlight during an afternoon siesta. A little personalized window treatment goes a long way to establishing a theme to your vehicle, with the practical benefit of temperature and light control.

Especially in the desert, simply blocking out the sun can turn a harsh day into a pleasant one. Energy use is always a little more guarded in a caravan, because without a plug-in the self contained generator is all that is left. Saving energy by not using the heater or air conditioner can save enough fuel to last several more days in the outback location of your choice.

Despite what you may think, there are actually many options available for RV roller blinds. Budget is a key factor to consider along with the blind’s primary purpose. Fabric cassette blinds roll up easily an can be washed like any fabric material.They can get dirty if not properly taken care of. The cassette blinds are probably the most common, but they are not necessarily the best choice, especially from an aesthetic standpoint.

Rigid roller blinds are easier to take care of. Some come with metal flaps which allow the blind to be raised or lowered to any location. Roller blinds are very durable and do an excellent job of blocking out sunlight when lowered. The lacquered backing makes the blinds very resistant to sunlight and water. The operation of caravan blinds may be slightly different because of the reduced space. However roller shades are very easy as they are spring loaded to roll up instead of scrunch up like other types.

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